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Okay... so...

2 comments, 129 views, posted 1:22 am 22/03/2020 in Rantings & Flame Bait by Quaektem
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"Healthy people who are exposed to the virus may build up natural immunities to it, experts say. Once enough of them have done so, pandemic spread in the rest of the population will no longer be possible.

But that process could take up to two years — and will inevitably cause significant illness and death along the way."

If we 'flatten the curve' it will be two years because no one able to build up an immunity will be exposed, right?

Look, perhaps a situation where the very low-risk are deliberately exposed and quarantined for a couple weeks would be better than what we are doing. Four waves of low-risk patients, knowingly being exposed, quarantined and monitored. That's two months to grant immunity to over 90% of the population.

This cannot go on for more than three months without serious pain, more than six and we are talking deaths of healthy people because of lack of supplies/food/medical care. Personally, given the choice, I would rather go through the mild symptoms so I can help care from my 90 year old grandparents without worrying I will infect them. Right now I go through homes fixing heating systems not knowing... and I won't visit or interact with my grandparents because of the risk.

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tamsnod27 (5)


4:47 am 22/03/2020


Apart from the fact that some people that have recovered caught it again.

9:55 am 22/03/2020


Has it been proven that there is an immunity to it once you have the disease?

Is there any lasting lung damage from having the disease?

If enough people get exposed to the virus will a virus mutate into something worse?

How long does it take to recover from having the disease?

At what point do you stop being contagious?

If you cannot test the people that are not showing symptoms but are capable of spreading the disease how are you ever going to get ahead of the disease?

Those are the questions that I have and I have tried searching for answers and all I get is bullshit politics and doom and gloom. So conspiracy theory time:

How many people in China actually got sick and died versus what they reported? Do they have a cure and purposely let just 80000 get sick before releasing it on the rest of the world? Did China actually tell everyone the truth and tell them what was coming only for people like Donald Trump to allow it to spread so that they can be the hero? So that they would be justified in starting a war against China after this is all over until solidify their political position? Or is it that what the government is most afraid of is that this actually is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse?

Everyone keeps referencing the Spanish Flu but what they don't connect the dots on is that that flu and the stock market crash that started the Great Depression all led to World War II the breaking of Empires and nuclear weapons. What will this pandemic and depression lead to?

Okay crazy talk is over I'm going to bed bye bye

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