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Gretta I hope is Okay... Griffin? Karma's a bitch.

0 comments, 90 views, posted 3:37 am 26/03/2020 in Rantings & Flame Bait by Quaektem
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Kathy Griffin slams Trump's coronavirus response while in hospital with 'unbearably painful' symptoms

After checking into a hospital with "unbearably painful" symptoms, comedian Kathy Griffin has spoken out against Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak.

In a quote tweet replying to the president, Griffin accused Trump of lying about how many coronavirus tests the United States has performed amid the ongoing pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives as it continues to spread around the world.

Griffin needs to watch the video on how this virus works before being an ass.

Gretta is a kid who I actually think means well (her parents should be shot... but that's not Gretta's fault). Griffin is a radical bitch who is almost assuredly overstating her symptoms like the best of victims. She is nasty, rude, biased, and not funny.

Hell, i need to find the video of a NYC bitching about Trump not giving NYC 30,000 ventilators and when told Trump sent them 4,000 and asked how many people needed care back-peddled saying everyone was receiving care 'but he was worried about the future.'

I get it. There have been two kids that have died, and since I had to work through last week (before being laid off on Monday) I am running a fever and coughing while caring for four kids. I was contagious last week (but avoid contact with people and wear gloves while working). So at this point I am looking at me and four kids (and my ex-wife... <shrug> who are exposed. I have mild symptoms... fever, cough, achy. I'll be fine. I'm sure my kids will be fine. I'm glad I've avoided my grandparents (mainly because they are MAGA zealots who are far too extreme to deal with for long... but I'll use any excuse) because they are in their 90's.

There are a few options about what is going on. One, this is as serious as the response dictates to the majority of us... and they are not telling us how bad it really is. Two, this is a play to see how American society can be restricted based on a vague threat while an isolated president is in office (not deep state approved). Three, this is the last ditch-effort to get the puppet Joe Biden (or now, perhaps Cuomo) elected president. Sure, the most tin-foil of tin-foil hats... but look at the timing of this shit. Literally right after Trump was acquitted. Hell, the week he was he shut down travel to China and was called racist, and they still call him calling this the China virus racist despite historical naming practices.

I really don't know which of those options to hope for other than option one. The precautions in that scenario are woefully inept at every practical level that I've seen.

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