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Just a rant

7 comments, 158 views, posted 4:46 am 09/07/2020 in Rantings & Flame Bait by Quaektem
Quaektem has 4897 posts, 304 threads, 0 points, location: I survived CORVID-1984 and all I got was this lousy facemask.
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Masks have been shown through dozens of studies over the last half century to ineffective against the spread of the flu or coronavirus. It even says it on the box of medical masks.

Of course the very easily manipulable argument 'it doesn't protect you, it protects others' is absolute the worst kind of bullshit. So, my mask that is leaking all over as I exhale protects you better than the mask you're breathing through? Really? Where is the logic? N95 masks work to protect yourself and the government lied about them so they could stockpile them (the most liberal of liberal sources:

But we are to trust the guy who was advising Trump and LIED about what we needed to do to protect the vulnerable. Who are the vulnerable? The elderly men and those with immune issues! (JANUARY NYT: and yet the governors of the states with the highest death counts MANDATED nursing homes take in COVID patients... and the largest percent of the death toll in those states are nursing home residences. The Democrat governors of New York, New Jersey and the Pseudo-Republican in MA are responsible for mass manslaughter and elder abuse.

Trump has made wide-spread testing a priority (along with respirators, Chloroquine, and 'flattening the curve' which all dropped off the radar when Trump could benefit). Why are cases going up? Because more people are testing (and some states like MA are just assuming people have COVID)

Hell, this disease is racist(ish) Black communities account for disproportionate number of Covid-19 deaths in the US, study finds yet 'There goes a 15% spike in COVID-19 cases for Pennsylvania’: Reaction to Harrisburg <open America up> protesters not wearing masks, but Experts see little evidence that <BLM> protests spread the coronavirus in U.S. Coronavirus cases are increasing, but Black Lives Matter protests may not be to blame. Here’s why. But a Trump rally? Tulsa Health Official Says Trump Rally 'Likely Contributed' to Surge in COVID-19 Cases, Tulsa sees Covid-19 surge in the wake of Trump's June rally, Tulsa health official says Trump rally "likely contributed" to spike in coronavirus cases, Tulsa Trump rally ‘likely’ source of spike in new COVID-19 cases, Oklahoma health official says.

This has to be the most woke virus ever... yet the most racist (did I hear an echo?). Can we please start calling this the Democrat virus? Originates in communism, worst cases in the bluest of blue cities in the bluest of blue states, chooses to attack Trump rallies while backing off from BLM rallies. Kills black people in a similarly higher ratio than blacks are killed by cops in the bluest of blue cities...

... and when the leftest of leftists take control of a few blocks of one of the most liberal cities *ahem* THEY BUILD WALLS, KILL MORE AFRICAN AMERICANS THAN POLICE HAVE DONE PER CAPITA IN ANY MAJOR CITIES, BUILD WALLS, KEEP PEOPLE OUT, try to grow potatoes on cardboard... yet COVID free!!!! (I'm sure there is an inclusive smile to put here... but I really don't care)

I challenge anyone who gets a wee bit pissed off to call me out and post your facts. I used the most liberal of liberal news sources... you get the conservative side to back your world view. Fair? Nah, I'll even let you use CNN because a bone is a bone.

<don tin-foil hat>

I honestly think this is a plan, during an isolated, naive, and polarizing presidency to test the willingness of Americans to conform to a dystopian (socialist, progressive, communist) reality. The timing of a mass pandemic, the condemnation of the president when he was made aware of the threat as a racist, the strongest Democrats in the land encouraging social gatherings while Trump issued warnings and was closing the boarder, the later kneeling... unified of those same Democrats WHILE WEARING SLAVE TRADERS COLORS USA Today Folks!) somehow doesn't trigger the fact that the Democrats have historically been the racist party.

They ceded from the nation to keep holding slaves (and the Union... who won the fight... appreciated and embraced African Americans as citizens... AND the last KKK member in Congress who has hundreds of buildings and sites named after him (none of them burned). Obama gave his eulogy.

Meanwhile they are tearing down George Washington (a man who could have been king/dictator and chose not to) who gave all of his slaves freedom upon death. Frederick Douglas a BLACK abolitionist. Fuck, even a memorial to the black regiment who fought for the union to free slaves was defaced by BLM/ANTIFA.

Either they are ignorant or viciously anti-American (my personal belief). It started with the admittedly bad. Confederate statues, most put up in the 30-40s by white supremacists. Easy targets. Now it's our first president, the guy who wrote the Declaration of Independence, a black abolitionist, and a group of black soldiers fighting to free slaves.

BLM (inc). is about destroying the police. They don't care about black-on-black crime, and did you know black kids are dying due to the BLM protests? No one talks about black people gunned down in CHAZ/OP, no one cares about the increase in black-on black crime happening. Even when black retired officers are killed in riots... no one cares.

I heard a phrase from the White House recently... I like it on a few levels. It spits in the face of the racist assumption 'All Lives Matter' has... by racists. All black lives do matter. All <insert your race here> lives do matter. A Don Lemon (CNN) exchange might be worth watching:

(Just listen to the start of the questioning... hear the language and the set up. Lemon just twists and manipulates the data against another black man who dares not agree with him)

(just consider, whole post not a single conservative post. Look at the links, counter, watch the videos. I welcome a challange)

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1:32 pm 09/07/2020


OK, here is the thing, it is in no way political. In countries where masks are required, they have virtually eliminated the problem. Where people throw dumb stuff about masks being ineffective and don't wear them, it has gone up exponentially. This is fact, not political. Just wear your mask and we could beat this thing. I do not know how to make this more clear. That is all. It is literally so simple, but we are so wrapped up in whatever political ideology we prescribe to we cannot see beyond that. Christ on a cracker!

2:21 pm 09/07/2020


I will wear a mask if there is a chance I can protect those whom are immunocompromised, no biggie.

9:59 pm 09/07/2020


Quote by tamsnod27:
OK, here is the thing, it is in no way political. In countries where masks are required, they have virtually eliminated the problem.

Which countries are those? I mean Germany sure, but what about every other European nation that has lock-downs and require masks... they are on the same trajectory as Sweden that did nothing!

Quote by tamsnod27:
This is fact, not political.

Just like Global Warming?

Read the articles about protests and how they are covered, are you saying that that isn't political? Americans protesting having their jobs lost, their savings lost, their businesses closing are all bad, those looting, burning and shooting black people... well they help reduce COVID spread because people stay home more when they are scared for their lives.

But hey, just because Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong radically changed their country through fear, dividing citizens against each other, radical enforcement of compliance, and creating false enemies (ORANGE MAN BAD!)... doesn't mean it could ever happen here. Right?

6:47 am 10/07/2020


For someone who is going to vote Trump, you sure get annoyed a lot when somebody lies.

1:49 pm 10/07/2020


Uh, look at Canada and most Asian counties that wear masks. They are practically contained. Period. Use what ever straw horse you want, they have stopped the virus while we are killing our selves because of this mentality. Because of that continuing effort, those countries are now having more freedom, while we are going to have to back into quarantine. Think what you want, but wash your hands and wear a mask. Stay home if you can. Not a difficult concept.

3:52 pm 10/07/2020


Shot's fired...

Colorado town threatens residents with one year in jail if they defy mandatory face mask order

5:56 pm 10/07/2020


Good luck with that.


How easy it would be to enforce a certain religious law on US citizens. I wear a mask, free will to protect others. However, threatening jail is not gonna end well.

A man killed another because he wasnt wearing a mask and an argument ensued, the man killed was shot as he was walking away. The killer and his felon wife were both carrying weapons.

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