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Cardinal Retracts Sex Abuse Apology

13 comments, 564 views, posted 4:38 pm 09/02/2012 in Religion by thecrookedman
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Cardinal Egan Criticized for Retracting Apology on Sexual Abuse Crisis
February 7, 2012, 6:47 PM

In 2002, at the height of the outcry over the sexual abuse of minors by Roman Catholic priests, the Archbishop of New York, Edward M. Egan, issued a letter to be read at Mass. In it, he offered an apology about the church’s handling of sex-abuse cases in New York and in Bridgeport, Conn., where he was previously posted.

“It is clear that today we have a much better understanding of this problem,” he wrote. “If in hindsight we also discover that mistakes may have been made as regards prompt removal of priests and assistance to victims, I am deeply sorry.”

Now, 10 years later and in retirement, Cardinal Egan has taken back his apology.

In a interview with Connecticut magazine published on the magazine’s Web site last week, a surprisingly frank Cardinal Egan said of the apology, “I never should have said that,” and added, “I don’t think we did anything wrong.”


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griffin (5)


4:53 pm 09/02/2012


Not too surprising coming from the Cult of Mary

7:24 pm 09/02/2012


He should be choked on his own shit, the vile despicable bastard.

9:04 pm 09/02/2012


Quote by thecrookedman:
“I don’t think we did anything wrong.”

Is this due to the revelation that the 8-14 year old choir boys consented, and even asked for it? I can't remember the post and I'm not gonna look for it, but some turd made this statement.

8:28 am 10/02/2012


What a cunt. All he had to do was nothing, and the victims would have been able to continue their lives, and their "recovery" from the abuse, but no. This complete moron decides that hurting them all those years ago wasn't enough, he wants to hurt them now, for "hurting" his church, with allegations of abuse that he either took part in or allowed to happen.

I hope he is truly a pious man. For his punishment will be dealt to him by the God he loves so much. And the look of surprise on his soon to be tortured face will be a picture all priests should see, and fear for the rest of their shitty little lives.

11:33 am 10/02/2012


Quote by Flee:
Is this due to the revelation that the 8-14 year old choir boys consented, and even asked for it?

Perhaps it refers to moving pedophile priests from one parish to the next. Nothing like fresh fucking meat, you know.

5:34 pm 10/02/2012


If catholic priests were allowed to get some little boys might be safer.

8:35 pm 10/02/2012


And think, the Catholic Church receives your hard earned tax money!

8:37 pm 10/02/2012


You are gonna need a much bigger spoon to keep stirring the pot these days.

8:38 pm 10/02/2012


Am I wrong? Have I made a factual error you'd like to correct?

8:47 pm 10/02/2012


You know where I stand on the subject. It was only yesterday and was laid out pretty clearly.
What purpose did your comment serve if not to stir it up?
If it was just more smart ass coming out... I appologize.
If it was to get a reaction... you got it. Sorry if it was not what you expected.

9:04 pm 10/02/2012


Oh, I'm sorry. It must not have been meant for any of the other four people who posted on this thread who may not have read our little exchange. Or anyone else that may stop on by to read it.

No, I wasn't thinking of you when I wrote it. Sorry to disappoint.

9:07 pm 10/02/2012


Then you have my appology.
Considering this thread was here yesterday but your comment followed mine... I made an assumption.

9:10 pm 10/02/2012


Happens to the best of us. (meaning me, of course)

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