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Any good satellite receivers available online?

5 comments, 215 views, posted 7:45 pm 13/04/2019 in Requests by mohit_117
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I have this set-top-box in my room that I prefer watching sometimes. I mostly watch international news (BBC, CNN, etc etc).
I live in India, and I have been having lots of power outages, internet cut-offs, and now since this year on, TV signal breaking.

For power outage, I have power backup, and for the internet, my mobile hotspot. Although for Satellite TV, I don't have any alternative.
Therefore, I'm writing this thread here, in request to how can I watch International news via any Set Top Box or Satellite Receiver that I can purchase online.

I only prefer watching International news these days. I had about 5+ channels on my set top box, and now it's cut off until I get the signal repaired.

Please could someone suggest me where I can find a good branded purchase of TV receiver, that doesn't require Internet connectivity or cables etc. Hopefully, I could watch American channels too, since it's satellite receiver. Although any way to find a way to watch TV without the requirement of getting it repaired or tampered with?



8:15 pm 13/04/2019


Couple items of food for thought:

I have a RUKU box streaming PLUTO TV, HULU, Amazon prime, YouTube and a dozen other things. Other than hulu and prime i stick to the free ones but there are several good pay sites on it aswell.

Havent used hotspot myself but i had an aunt that worked from site to site and lived in an RV for years, she used hotspot on her lap top and casted it to her TV for all her favorite shows.

The other thing on my todo list (that i never seem to get around to) that maybe helpfull to you, is i have been wanting to research micro solar and micro wind and micro hydro power. Instead of mounting panels to run the entire house find out what it tackes to put together something that generates just enough power for a tv or a laptop phone charging station or to power my AC/Heater.

11:18 pm 13/04/2019


We had a power outage last fall due to tornadoes. One night I was paged and had to work out of my car as my laptop was near dead. Sitting in the car charging from the car(which I bought in part due to all its power ports) using my phone as a hotspot. Good times.

Data is fairly cheap here. 20gb with unlimited texting and calling in North America is $50/month.

11:19 pm 13/04/2019


My plan is a natural gas backup generator and there are 2 brothers in India that made a windmill that is the size of a ceiling fan and can power my house. Since I back on to farm fields, there is lots of wind.

11:21 pm 13/04/2019


I agree with masterv. Phone casting to TV is nice and easy.

8:04 am 14/04/2019


@MasterV & @Flee:
Guess I'll get a signal booster this week, cause the mobile network is a bit low here.

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