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How about creating a bootable Linux Pen Drive?

0 comments, 451 views, posted 4:59 pm 09/10/2019 in Requests by mohit_117
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How about creating a bootable Linux Pen Drive Website with ISO download?


Boot into your own operating environment while you're travelling.
Your apps, files and system preferences everywhere you travel!

  • You could create a website for this project.

  • Signup for a free account or a purchased a Virtual Machine Subscription.

  • Add Linux (Extern OSElementary OS, etc etc) to your virtual machine.

  • Create a list of apps that can be installed by default on your Linux ISO.

  • On the website:

  • Add a few Linux Distributions that a person can select from (with their demo videos/youtube links)

  • Add the list of Linux Softwares to your website. (include screenshots of the apps).

  • Add a list of free stuff (ebooks, music, videos, movies, templates etc) that a user might want as a bundle (displayed as screenshots of these file lists). You can keep this based on pen drive capacity. Must be allowed to redistribute these files.

  • Now, create Linux scripts to get a command with json/xml variable that generates a bootable iso, packed with all the above selection per user.

  • Then create a form on the website, asking the user to select the options, and click submit.

  • After submitting the form, the Linux Virtual Machine receives a command to compile an ISO. The command includes the json/xml variable.

  • After the ISO is compiled, the Linux Virtual Machine uploads this ISO to the website host. Or it can be added as a torrent file download via Linux VM torrent client scripting.

  • The user receives an email and can download the bootable iso.

  • Then he uses a software to create a bootable usb drive from the iso.


  • On receiving the email, the user could be a pen drive manufacturer, that directly installs the iso on the pen drive and ships it to customers.

  • Also, You can keep this as a free Project, or a paid per iso or per monthly subscription basis on your website.

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