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bridge connections faster speed?

13 comments, 4536 views, posted 12:30 am 28/08/2007 in Requests by jrsaysbiteme
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I just bought a wireless pci card so i can hook onto a isp that is 2 houses over to mine. They have unsecured highspeed wireless. I already have dsl so i figured i can bridge connections and have faster internet. Is that possible? I have everything hooked up, bridged connections, and surfing around the net and it seems faster but i need a second professional opinion. I might just think its faster when really its not lol.


12:41 am 28/08/2007


With some fancy footwork - you'd have a faster connection to TWO sites.

Standard Connection : 56k (just a #)
Secondary Connection : 56k

Because traffic flows by request to one IP, it wouldn't use 2 IP's to connect to one site. You would however have a full 56k to youtube and another full 56k to google, but even that would take some fancy setup for the OS to control it. You'd have to come up with some way of convincing Windows to only use 1 connection for this site, and the other for another.

I've seen it discussed, but never seen it operational. It always seems to boil down to something that windows just can't handle. The bridge connection just lets windows use one whichever it wants, with the same settings.

12:52 am 28/08/2007


not on windows. isnt worth the effort.

1:03 am 28/08/2007


In the old days we used to shotgun modems to do this. Windows supported it and it was really easy, though your ISP had to support it by giving both modems the same static ip addresses and windows would take care of the rest.

NIC's are harder, and if you want a single aggregate pipe you will have to use the software for the NIC's to do NIC bonding. We do it on all the power edge servers at work and it works well.

What you want to do is simply not possible; the nics are different and there is no low lever interface to the NICs to bond them.

HOWEVER, you could set one up for all your bittorrent traffic and the other for surfing or playing online games via routes or a host file as long as you know the ip addresses of each server you want to connect to. For example:

I want to download files from the teoti dungeon (rapidshare)without affecting my bandwidth for torrents. I would set up one nic with a default gateway and one without (you can only have ONE default gateway). Then I would find out all the ip addresses that rapidshare uses for it's mirrors and create routes based on those ip addresses to use the NIC without the default gateway, and then all other traffic will use the connection with the default gateway. OR, it is a good way to make sure when your torrents are tracked, they track to your neighbor (if you use their connection for the torrents).

All you have done with the bridge is potentially allowed someone who is on your neighbors network to use your broadband connection (though they would have to know what is going on).

1:11 am 28/08/2007


How do i set one up for my bitorrent traffic and the other for surfing websites?

1:21 am 28/08/2007


Block the torrent ports on your router and "hack" into their router to forward odd torrent ports to your local IP.
I use 36881-36999.
As mentioned, this will be a PITA.

1:21 am 28/08/2007


That is MUCH harder because the bittorrent connections are all different IP addresses (different people from all over the world).

Here is the deal. One connection can be for a few websites/IP traffic, the other can be for everything else.

You have to put a route in for every ip address that you want the non default gateway connection to connect to, so your web browsing and bittorrent traffic connection have to be the default gateway connection because to route all of those IP addresses is impossible.

So, one connection for bittorrent and web traffic, and the other for rapidshare.

One for bt and web traffic, the other for X. Where X is something that doesn't have a lot of variation of IP address.

OK, so assuming you want to do that, remember that each network (one to your dsl, the other to wireless) must be on differnt networks. They can not both be on the network, but one can be on the and the other on the set up one connection with your default gateway. I will assume that you want to use your own DSL for regular browsing even though that means you will also have to share it with your bt traffic. Just leave that connection alone, it will take care of itself.

Now, setup your wireless connection with a static ip address and assuming the ip address of the wireless connection is and the next hop on your neighbors wireless router is through, then ping and record the ip address. Open up a terminal window (start-run-cmd-enter) and type this:

C:> route -p ADD MASK

and press enter. Now open up your task manager and look at networking. Open your browser and go to and you will see one nic light up. Go to and you will see the other start working. You have just dedicated one nic to only t-six traffic. YAY!

1:27 am 28/08/2007


With just windows? hrmm. It would take some crazy routing tables, or a fancy setup with a Dual core processor. I've never had a reason to try it.

The gist:
Network A will be your default network.
Network B - build a route that all traffic to BT flows through the IP of the other router.

However, you can get Load Sharing routers that (not being windows) will utilize both connections. It's not going to be a simple point and click in XP though.

1:47 am 28/08/2007


This is how I run my system:

network A, web browsing through wrt54g.
Network B, Cisco PAT through a PIX 501 for torrent traffic using neighbors wireless connection with a wireless bridge.
Network C, internal network.

But I figured that the above would be easier (and cheaper) for him to implement.

2:05 am 28/08/2007


oohh... the wasn't to that post. I got distracted posting it, and it went a few posts up heh.

7:50 pm 28/08/2007


you never seem to stop making me chuckle jr

4:49 am 29/08/2007


Just wait until you get one of his IMs...

9:15 pm 29/08/2007


rofl you should see the random questions i have for z-man. Theres never been one question he couldn't answer.

9:24 pm 29/08/2007


forgot to mention i have a dlink-604 router that i use to hookup another computer i have in the living room. and the wireless card is on my pc in the bedroom. Im guessing if i wanted bt traffic on my wireless and regular browsing on my dsl id need more hardware to do that.

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