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37 comments, 1678 views, posted 3:03 am 04/12/2010 in Requests by QuickTime
QuickTime has 14766 posts, 1832 threads, 0 points, location: Logic and reason are the gnashing of teeth in a world ruled by emotions.

So... um....

Can one of the alternate views be the old Teoti? This new format isn't really doing it for me.


10:55 pm 04/12/2010


i have no idea what i'm doing on this new page style. LOL i am so lost

3:02 am 05/12/2010


I agree with Quaektem and DoomOnYou. I miss the old layout. It was much more compact and there was a lot more information readily available. On a 1280 x 800 screen resolution I used to be able to see at see some 20 or so threads at a time. Now I can see only 6 before I have to start scrolling down. In addition, it feels like I have to scroll down a lot farther to get to the bottom.

Also, since "Updated" is the default setting, a lot of good threads are getting buried more quickly.

3:34 am 05/12/2010


like anything new, it'll take some getting used to....i'm liking it so far, though i started another thread about the filter=search function, or whether i just didn't look hard enough

4:52 am 05/12/2010


Yeah, I am figuring out most of it, Mark did a hell of a job. Anything new will take time to adjust to... Just a new post category in the sidebar and I'll be ok with it. I wish I knew that this was going to be the default though

10:53 am 05/12/2010


Quote by Flee:
And who remembers all the "how do I submit", etc comments back in the day??

...and how did people submit those kind of comments in the first place...?

4:23 pm 05/12/2010


Quote by Quaektem:
I don't see it in the menu, I am using Flee's Bone-Steak style (I like dark pages). I am getting used to it it would be cool if their was a "New Posts" tab (expandable) somewhere in the right side menus... it would make thing alot nicer for us old farts.

I am using the same style, and for the same reason as you (I like the dark styles), but are you having the same problem as I am? The background in the comments is white.

Flee, is there any way to change this to the dark grey like the rest of the page?

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