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Martian Sunset

2 comments, 338 views, posted 8:39 am 17/03/2019 in Sci-Fi, Science & Space by REALITY
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A tormented man.

The Insight Lander's camera mounted on its utility arm was recently used to capture some stages of a sunset. I had already collected some images of other Martian sunsets. I decided to use them, and a few hand painted intermediate frames, to make a simulation of a color time lapse movie of a typical Martian Sunset.

This is more of an effort to mimic the camera characteristics rather than an attempt to show how it would look to the human eye.

I made the other reference images broadly 'conform' to the InSight camera characteristics, including overexposure near the Sun, but I removed the effects of extreme brightness on the camera optics. The resulting frames were cross dissolved while the Sun was separately composited in.
This is probably a fairly clear atmosphere for Mars as the Sun is brightly visible all the way to the horizon.

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9:39 pm 18/03/2019


So it looks like the smog in London

9:44 pm 18/03/2019



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