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Kardashev scale

1 comments, 357 views, posted 9:06 pm 03/12/2019 in Sci-Fi, Science & Space by tricpe
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9:59 pm 04/12/2019


I disagree that we are a type 0 civilization and would argue we are a very very young type 1 civilization because:
1st part of above definition of Type 1, harnessing all of a planets power:
Harness all of the planets energy:
Coal, Natural gas energy - check
combustible energy - check
Wind energy - check
Solar energy - check
Wave energy - check
Hydro energy - check
Chemical energy - check
Biological energy - check
Nuclear energy - check
Particle wave lengths, light energy, Frequency, Harmonics, Electric power - check
Kinetic and potential energy Coal, Natural gas energy - check
Fusion - understand most of the basics working on putting it to work
Gravitational - understand the effect, able to predict results, some control but no clue about the rest of the important aspects.

Second Part of above definition of type 1, Control over natural forces:
We have lots of knowledge about how Volcano's and Hurricanes work. We are able to predict creation of, strength of and path of hurricanes with pretty good accuracy. We know some what how volcano's are created and work with some prediction capabilities, and we know a lot about earthquakes and are moving into the realm of predicting them. We know how to protect against all natural disasters but we choose not to always implement those protections.

We know how to change the weather by deforestation, excessive agriculture, over populating, making lots of roads and parking lots... We know how to change the ecosystem by polluting the water, mass killing mammals to the point of extinction to harvest there horns and hides, spaying pesticides that not only kill the annoying insect but everything that depends on them for food. We know how to change the global climate by spaying chemicals in our hair that creates holes in the Ozone, by releasing vast amounts of CO2 into the air that increases the heat of the atmosphere and melts the polar Ice caps and glaciers. But we also know how to fix all of that but don't care to implement all the needed steps yet. On a positive note we can also change deserts into crop lands, rivers into lakes, prevent the ocean from eroding the shore line, create sandy beaches, control the path of rivers and limit how much they flood. We can create snow to ski on and ice for our drinks, refrigerators and freezers for our food....

As for Type 2: I think the definition is not defined well enough. I think we can be a planetary species within our solar system and still be at a type 1 level. I believe we are even about to start that step not withing 100-200 years but within the next 5-20 years (quicker if we want to). The technology and science it there. The money and willingness to remove self imposed road blocks is not.

We may even be able to spread to other solar systems as a type 1. I suspect that the full definition of a Type 2 would define that multi planetary species better and should include the ability to travel to and from other stars quickly not generational or as a one way hibernation trip.

Then there is Type 3. If humans go extinct because our AI that we created becomes self aware and replaces us or we make ourselves into cyborgs before we fully fulfill Type 1, do we get to skip the first two levels?

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