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The blind spot of science is the neglect of lived experience

1 comments, 118 views, posted 8:56 pm 13/01/2020 in Sci-Fi, Science & Space by tricpe
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It's tempting to think science gives a God's-eye view of reality. But we forget the place of human experience at our peril.

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3:54 am 14/01/2020


That divide arises from what we call the Blind Spot, which science itself cannot see.

You can only perceive existence a dimension below that in which you exist. That is mathematically provable. That means we can't fully understand the universe we exist in scientifically or otherwise. We are getting close though. Old Theosophical theories from the early 1800's are starting to emerge in Quantum Physics (everything is a vibration and matter, everything is linked, both are being discovered my modern science). Again, the scientific method is a very useful tool, and we are using it to discover amazing things about reality... but they will never, ever figure it all out.

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