The European Space Agency has just chosen Leicester....

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....to host its startup hub. Why has no one reported that?

Imagine if a European agency had just announced that it was to close a site in the Midlands, withdrawing from Britain and taking jobs of scientists with it. It isn’t hard to work out where that would feature on BBC news – up top. It would be presented as another cost of Brexit, another result of the foolish decision the country made in 2016 to leave the EU. Interviewees would be dredged up to tell us we had condemned ourselves us to become a deskilled economy.

Now imagine that a European agency had actually just announced that it is to open a new base in the Midlands. You won’t have known about it by reading the BBC website, but that is exactly what has just happened. The European Space Agency (not part of the EU) has announced that it is to open a ‘space tech incubation unit’ in Leicester to help start-ups access the expertise they need, whether it be from university research to large corporations. Among the private sector organisations already to have signed up for space at the park are Lockheed Martin, Thales Alenia Space, Hewlett Packard, Airbus and Amazon. The first projects to be supported will concentrate on the are of Earth Observation, such as measuring land use changes from space.....


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2:23 pm 28/06/2020


This is why I laugh at ignorant Americans claiming the BBC is a neutral news agency dedicated to spreading the truth, and an example of what news channels here should strive to be

3:08 pm 28/06/2020


Yup it's not only what they do report wrongly so much as the stuff they ignore.

5:37 am 02/07/2020


BBC News - Copernicus Sentinels: UK industry loses out in European satellite bids

1:53 pm 02/07/2020


EU are a bit pissed with us at the moment for some reason.

2:12 pm 02/07/2020


BBC > 1 July 2020, Guess they waited for the bad news

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