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Breathtaking. Comfortable. Revealing.
Space Perspective’s magnificent, safe suborbital flight via space balloon will smoothly fly you to the edge of space. Soak in the curvature of our beautiful planet against the blackness of space, while gently sailing along inside the revolutionary, near-zero emissions Neptune capsule above the rich colors of the Earth below.

Less than 20 people have ever been to the edge of space under a space-balloon, far fewer than have been in orbit around our planet. For the first time, we can make the thrill of spaceflight accessible to you, our Explorers, in a safe, comfortable manner with minimal physical requirements and as simple as boarding an airplane. Our pressurized capsule affords a shirt-sleeves environment, and comes with a refreshments bar and lavatory, of course. And don’t forget to post to your favorite social media sites during your six-hour journey to the edge of space and safely back.

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