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Tweet of the Day: Triggered.

2 comments, 351 views, posted 8:27 am 23/01/2019 in SFW Hunks by REALITY
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tamsnod27 (5)


1:05 pm 23/01/2019


Omgosh, seriously like burn them at the stake. Like, for real, what do these immature kids think they are? I mean it is not like there is real injustice in the world today, I mean forget that women in parts of the world are being subjugated, children taken as soldiers, Muslims in concentration camps... let us be outraged about some kids in CANADA somewhere doing some mockery. Kids are dumb, who woulda thunk it. When we lived in Alaska and the native people came to do dances it was disrespectful to not clap and join. Also being that it is Canada I am going to take a gander and say that at least one of those stupid kids is likely native.

5:38 pm 23/01/2019


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