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Directory Viewer (CSV File/Folder List Viewer)

0 comments, 87 views, posted 7:42 am 17/11/2019 in Software by mohit_117
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Directory Viewer (CSV File/Folder List Viewer)

This Tool Allows You To View A Csv File That Contains A List Of Files And Folders. This Csv File Can Be Generated By The Virtual Volumes View Application.
This Directory Viewer Is Free To Use And You May Submit Feedback Via The Contact Form.

CSV Directory Viewer is an HTML5 project, that takes csv file with headers. This CSV file can easily be generated via the export feature in the Virtual Volumes View application.

If you need to use another software, then the following specifications apply for the csv to display properly:

1. The CSV Headers must contain: Path, and Name of each file. (case-sensitive)
2. File Paths must have forward-slash "/" as the directory separator.

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