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Free National Instruments Training

0 comments, 83 views, posted 7:37 pm 25/03/2020 in Software by MASTERV
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In response to COVID-19, all online courses are available for free to the global engineering community through at least April 30, 2020.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

This on-demand interactive multimedia experience covers key concepts in a series of modules. NI online training is a cost-effective learning option and reference tool with interactive quizzes and exercises to test your understanding.

Courses are available in several languages supporting a wide range of NI products and application areas. Browse the catalog to find a course that meets your needs.

We use National Instruments LABVIEW software at work for most of our Electronics Test software, but it use is not limited to that. It is a graphical programmed language:

Other big product is MultiSim Electronic Circuit Simulation Software (I LOVE THIS ONE, but my current job wont use it (FLIPPING IDIOTS)).

Now I wish I was sent home to quarentine so I could sit here all day and learn something new. Oh well, I'm going to start CORE1 and see how far I get

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