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Product Price Calculator (via Barcode Scanning)

2 comments, 93 views, posted 6:41 pm 16/10/2020 in Software by mohit_117
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Product Price Calculator (via Barcode Scanning)

I created this price calculator via barcode scanning this month. It allows you to scan a barcode on a product label, and add it's price to your total number of products that are in your shopping cart. I found this as a useful app that can allow lesser waiting lines at the store and faster payment at the supermarket.

I'll work more on this app later, and for now, I'm sharing the code link here so that anyone can easily develop an app for their favourite stores with this. This app scan EAN codes and a search function (array search) can populate the table with the correct prices for the total price. This searchable array can be a JSON file from your shopping store if they allow you to use it for your app. I can work for free on this project, only if anyone shares me a valid json file for the product information in a JSON format (name, price).

I was trying to create an ios and android app for this, but found that the EAN codes are not easily available for free, and I might have to pay a lot for a global API towards a subscription for adding these EAN codes to my app.

Anyways, if anyone knows any website developer, they can easily ask them about this.

Source Code Link:


1:15 am 17/10/2020


My local grocery store (Stop & Shop) has a method of doing this where you scan your 'loyalty card' and get a scanner. You scan in products and bag them while you shop and then scan it in at the check-out then pay. I use it all the time.

9:37 am 17/10/2020


ok. Nice!

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