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Dual Shock PS2 USB Controller Driver REQ

20 comments, 46008 views, posted 3:16 pm 30/08/2010 in Software by mohit_117
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I have a Windows 7 64 bit system.

I also have a Plastation 2 Dualshock Gamepad with a USB, instead of the ps2 concole plug. This game pad is made by Soroo and it's not Sony gamepad (ie, no ps2 to pc adapter needed)

(got this image is of another cpmpany made gamepad, but mine looks just the same except it's made by soroo.)

I'm trying to play GTA 4 or any other shooting game with this gamepad... Since this gamepad has 2 analog direction sticks... I've been trying to play games with it, but have no idea of how to get the right directional key to work.

I checked the right analog, and it's directions are just the 1,2,3,4 buttons instead of the directional thing it has in the ps2 console... The button of the right is clicking and found as some 5 or something... but not the directions... I've tried Xpadder, xboxemulator, and also tried the windows 7 game test interface.... on which i got to know that it's showing as buttons.

I think I need a software/driver that can calibrate the controller buttons and help me play games like as a console game.

Can anyone help me with this? Or can someone suggest a forum or IRC where I can get help on this?




9:20 pm 30/08/2010


This won't really help, but... Xbox pads are easily recognized and the driver is OK. I still wonder why, though...

Can't you get a driver from Soroos website ?

9:45 pm 30/08/2010


I saw one site that suggested renaiming the gamepad in the registry to try to force windows to use a different driver.

(you might want to backup your registry before messing with it)

If you are using a windows 7 pc then here the process that might work for you. Thanks to “jhony19ro” who took some time to write up this stuff.
Hi to all. I discovered how to make right stick working on windows 7 in fifa 10 !

run regedit.

go HKEY_CURRENT_USER->SYSTEM-> CURRENT CONTROLSET->Control->MEdiaProperties->Joystick->Oem
find the name u have in control panel of your gamepad and rename to Logitech Dual Action. if u have more gamepads rename them diffrent(Logitech Cordless,Xbox Controller…serach for officials gamepads on google )

the page does mention the right analog stick not working, so hopefully this will let you use that controller with one of the drivers windows 7 comes with. If you have installed any drivers, you may want to try to uninstall them, also.

8:16 am 31/08/2010


how do I backup the registry??

Can I just backup the specified registry entry? Or would I have to back up the WHOLE registry?? I'll try the registry setting... but please do let me know how and which parts of the registry I have to back up... thanks.

8:27 am 31/08/2010


Also... How do I uninstall the drivers??

Before installing drivers it was : Generic USB Gamepad.
After installing drivers it is: Macro Vibration Joystick...

8:38 am 31/08/2010


...Found a way to backup and restore the registry (full and whole) ..

But still need to know if I need to backup only the specified part or the whole registry for this??

9:02 am 31/08/2010


12:00 pm 31/08/2010


It didn't work..... I couldn't uninstall the driver, but still renamed it after taking a backup (export reg) .... how do I uninstall the driver?? Delete the whole registry Sub folder (of the specific installed gamepad?)

12:48 pm 31/08/2010


... I found this page in chinese.... translation link given below.... please can someone guide me to how to get the dual movement boxes instead of the one I'm getting?


7:23 pm 31/08/2010


Trying to give up on the gamepad.... thinking of buying a adapter for the PS2 controls....

The adapter looks like this... Would hope I find it tomorrow... or maybe later...

11:44 pm 31/08/2010


I wouldn't bother removing registry entries, just look in add/remove programs to see if there are any drivers there. If they are no drivers in add/remove programs, and you changed the name in the OEMName field then you would've done what was suggested in the link I posted. If it doesn't work after that, and windows 7 won't detect it properly, then the adaptor you posted last might be your best best (that, or a ps3 controller, I know it works with windows 7).
Sorry I couldn't help more, mohit.

8:21 am 01/09/2010


Thanks a lot DarkHelmet.... I'll get the adaptor... Would have got it today, but I was in a hurry ... Anyways, would let post back if the adaptor works alright!

7:03 am 13/12/2010


i hav a soroo gamepad too...can nyone giv me d drivers for it so dat i can enble its vibration?

7:32 am 14/12/2010


Get "Xbox 360 Controller for Windows" if you have a Graphics Card (and wanting to play more games) .... I've been playing a lot of games with it since September....

Xbox Controller is the best controller so far, with support of almost all the new games.... Every game with "Games for Windows" written on it's cover is fully compatible and supports the Xbox controller!!

If some game DOESN'T support the controller you can alsways MAP the buttons and sticks using programs like Pinnacle and xmapper....(cracked version of pinnacle is available online, but xmapper is not {if you're looking for official profiles}) ....

There are 2 types of Xbox controllers for windows: One is Wired and the other is WIRELESS!! (I have the wired one)

Games I've played so far with the controller:

FIFA 2011
Splinter Cell - Conviction
Modern Warfare 2
Black Ops
Mirror's Edge
Madden NFL 08.

(Played Modern Warfare 2 with the help of Pinnacle.)

4:23 pm 14/06/2011


i have windows vista and i bought my new soroo shocks joystick... but it does'nt work for any game..! in the settings all 12 buttons are working properly but not in the game also the joystick is not vibrating..! what to do...??

10:50 pm 14/06/2011


Sounds like the optimal advice is not to buy Soroo products.

12:28 am 15/06/2011


GTA4 is "Game For Windows Live" They have fucken well hard coded the Xbox 360 controller in there, I really don't think its worth the stress of trying to use something else.

12:41 am 15/06/2011


soooooooooooo many monkey's such little time....

1:13 am 15/06/2011


The only other option that's as easy is using MotionJoy to emulate a Xbox360 controller with a PS3 dualshock. And even then, the computer think's it's essentially an Xbox pad. So it comes with all the sam issues there.

7:59 am 20/04/2012


Thanks for sharing your ps2 controller usb information and its interested to learn more. Also it will helpful to others.

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