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Internet Traffic is now 51% Non-Human

1 comments, 291 views, posted 10:35 pm 06/04/2012 in Teh Internet by bradpitt
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Internet Traffic is now 51% Non-Human

So you thought the Internet was made by and for people? Think again. A study by Incapsula, a provider of cloud-based security for web sites (mind you where this data comes from), concludes that 51% of all Internet traffic is generated by non-human sources such as hacking software, scrapers and automated spam mechanisms. While 20% of the 51% non-human traffic is’ good’, the 31% majority of this non-human traffic is potentially malicious.

The study is based on data collected from 1,000 websites that utilize Incapsula’s services, and it determined that just 49% of Web traffic is human browsing. 20% is benign non-human search engine traffic, but 31% of all Internet traffic is tied to malicious activities. 19% is from ” ‘spies’ collecting competitive intelligence,” 5% is from automated hacking tools seeking out vulnerabilities, 5% is from scrapers and 2% is from content spammers.

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10:59 pm 06/04/2012


Well this is obvious. I know this just by looking at my webalizer stats and comparing them to Google analytics.

Webalizer tracks all hits server side and thus reports twice as many as the JavaScript driven Google analytics as only humans can use JavaScript driven sites.

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