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The World's Most Haunting Abandoned Airports

1 comments, 473 views, posted 1:55 pm 11/10/2017 in Travel by Eavesy
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The people at UK based Cheap Flights Finder have posted a blog post that includes information about abandoned airports from around the World with pics. Here is a sample from the article for you to check out.

Nicosia, Cyprus

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, one of the most popular holiday islands in Europe. You'd expect its airport to be be pretty busy, but it isn't, and hasn't been since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded the island. Now, the southern part of the island is occupied by the Greek community and the northern part by the Turkish. Separate airports have been built to serve both sides of the island, with two in the south. Nicosia Airport, meanwhile, is part of the United Nations buffer zone between the two communities. Looking at the now derelict passenger terminal, it's easy to imagine seventies holidaymakers gliding past the wood veneer and glitzy advertising. Instead, however, there's little more to be found than pigeon feathers and excrement.

Hellinikon, Greece

Hellinikon (also known as Ellinikon) was the main airport for Athens, the capital of Greece, for sixty years. In 2001, a new airport was built in anticipation of the 2004 Athens Olympics. Hellinikon wasn't forgotten, though, and played an important role in the games: parts of the runway were turned into venues for sports including hockey, baseball and kayaking, whilst aircraft hangars became arenas for fencing and basketball. Once the Olympics were over, there were plans for the airport to be turned into a park, but the financial crisis hit Greece hard and put them to a halt. Now, the airport is frozen in time, with a rusty exterior, a departure board heralding a long taken-off Paris flight and, bizarrely, an escalator packed with lever arch files. Recently, there have been reports of plans to turn the land into a luxury resort, but as it stands, Hellinikon serves as a refugee camp.

Floyd Bennett Field, New York

It's hard to believe it now, but Floyd Bennett Field was New York's first ever municipal airport. Built on marshy Barren Island, it officially opened in 1931. Favoured for its open location within easy reach of Manhattan, Floyd Bennett Field became home to some record-breaking feats in the early days of aviation, including spectacular races and achievements by the likes of Amelia Earhart. Now, it's a mecca for urban explorers, holidaymakers who wish to pitch up on its rudimentary campsites and wildlife, which is protected by the airfield's National Park status.

Castellon Costa Azahar Airport, Spain

Although this airport was officially declared open in 2011, it was 2015 before any flights operated out of it. For four years, its carousels stayed still and its glossy terminals gathered dust. The airport was 'opened' just in time for the local elections, and it was the idea of Carlos Fabra, a local politician. In fact, many say that the huge abstract sculpture at the entrance to the airport represents Fabra himself. During the period of time between its completion and the first flights, Castellon Airport was viewed as an emblem of the Spanish financial crisis. Today, Ryanair operates out of the airport, near Valencia, offering flights for holidaymakers wishing to visit the Costs Azahar. Carlos Fabra was jailed for tax fraud in 2014.

See the entire article by clicking the related link below.

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7:12 pm 11/10/2017


I love photos of abandoned places. Thank you for sharing!

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