Looking forward to travel to USA...

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Been quite some time since I've posted anything here. How's everyone doing? Happy Seasons Greetings!

I'm looking forward to travel to USA this year. I'm planning to visit New York and San Francisco, while Las Vegas is optional.

Although, I've been there before, I was a kid in 1999. Now, I've got the visa and prefer travelling again, although alone this time.

Therefore, I thought I could ask you all about how to travel, where to stay and what to do there once I reach.

I don't know how to book taxis, or if metro is more convenient than the taxis. Are there any taxi apps for smartphones there? How about food ordering, bar/pubs and shopping?

Lots more on my mind, hope I could get some help here!

Thanks for any help.

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3:25 pm 13/01/2019


Will come back to this later.

3:38 pm 13/01/2019


Pretty sure uber is available for taxi service in all cities you mentioned

3:40 pm 13/01/2019


Since New York is almost 3000miles from San Francisco you may want to fly

4:45 pm 13/01/2019


Quote by Flee:
uber is available for taxi service

Ok! I found another alternative to Uber. I was looking for alternatives to Uber in case I am unable to create an account on it.

Quote by Flee:
you may want to fly

Ya! I will be taking a flight, need to visit the Silicon Valley and shop around in San Francisco and New York.
Looking for suggestions for what I should buy there? I'm interested in Electronics, and anything else not available that easily in the Eastern Hemisphere!

I found that SoMa (Southern Market) & Mission in SF are popular areas for food and drinks.
In New York, Brooklyn is popular.

For going to Silicon Valley... is it nearby to Mission/SoMa? Or would I have to take a taxi/train till there?

6:33 pm 13/01/2019


Aren't electronics much cheaper in India? I would think being that close to China would make it cheaper.

8:02 pm 13/01/2019


Electronics might be cheaper here in India (haven't compared prices yet), and I was curious to what's popular in terms of Gadgets and Dollar store stuff in America that I could shop around. Chinese electronics don't have a good bluetooth range. That's just a clue to why American routers and Bluetooth devices are more a preference for me cause I've had trouble with Chinese Electronics before. I'm just casually trying to shop around, no worries about the trade war between USA & the Chinese.
We have these 99 Stores here too, although not lots of these stores here.
Thinking of Target, Walmart, and Dollar store shopping from NY & SF. Lots of shopping, and least of the total cost I hope/guess.

Anyways, I was hoping more information about Airports, and commute. Haven't yet decided where I'll stay. NY is snowing, SF it's raining. Looking forward to trip in Feb or March. Anything to do in Silicon Valley? I was hoping it's the heart of USA Technology Industry so maybe I could visit it. Although haven't found out anything to do there.

8:14 am 14/01/2019


Hi Mohit, I'm very happy to hear that you're visiting the United States. I can definitely give you suggestions on what to see in New York and Las Vegas. I'm not as familiar with San Francisco; I visited a couple of times but wasn't a huge fan of the city. But I can give you suggestions if you decide to go to wine country (north of San Francisco). In any case, we can revisit this when you have decided which cities are going to be in your itinerary.

What kind of stuff are you looking to see, by the way? Nature? Art? Architecture? History?

Similarly what are you looking for in terms of food?

Regarding transportation, Uber and Lyft are commonly used in LV and SF, but not so much in NY. In NY the best way to get around is the Metro (MTA). You can also hail a cab. The trade-off is time vs. expense. Metro is cheaper, but slower. Cabs are more expensive, but faster.

As for shopping, it depends on what kind of gadgets you're looking for. Brookstone is a store you will find in malls and airports, and they specialise in more luxury products like projectors and noise-cancelling headphones. For a broader definition of electronics, I recommend Best Buy. That said, however, you're more likely to find better prices online on Amazon. If you already know what you want, you can order stuff on Amazon and have it shipped to your hotel so your items will be waiting for you when you arrive. In fact, it may be a prudent to order 110 volt flat-pin adapters for your cell phone and stuff.

Hope this helps. We can talk about sights to see and places to eat when you decide on your cities.

2:36 pm 14/01/2019


I really can't offer much in information about CA or NY, but I'd say resist the temptation to gamble in Vegas. My Dad once told me "How do you think they were able to build and constantly re-build this amazing Casinos". If you do gamble set strict limits.

I agree with Uber and Lyft. They are easy and generally the cheapest options, although require registering with an App and Credit Card.

Airports: Everything is more expensive in an airport, even water. Bring a re-usable water bottle. You can fill up at water fountains and some restaurants. Bring your own snacks for the flights and you can certainly save yourself several dollars. Keep your documents and money in a safe place. When in unknown places with lots of people I put my wallet in my front pocket.

4:00 pm 14/01/2019


By the way, if there are specific restaurants in New York that you want to try, you'll want to make reservations now. Restaurants in New York (at least the good ones) are impossible to get into unless you make reservations weeks or even months in advance.

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