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Best Cities for Outdoor Lovers

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Moving to a new city is a tough decision that can't be forced. When it comes to moving, people mainly take into consideration the city's affordability and job opportunities. Another equally important factor for moving is ensuring that you'll enjoy living there. Living in a big urban city offers benefits that simply aren’t available in places where nature is heavily integrated into the layout. But outdoor friendly cities also have their own advantages. Ultimately, it all depends on your priorities and the aspects of your life that are the most important.

Living in a big city means you can get anything you want, at any time of the day or night. Another advantage is the variety of jobs and careers available. However, when you live in a city, it's sometimes hard to find the time and access to get outside. Working in real estate for around for decades can allow anybody to discover the most positive aspects of urban and outdoor life.

Having outdoor access can help you forget almost about all of those bad days spent in the office. In fact, sometimes a short walk alone is the best way to clear your heart. Spending time outside can also do wonders for both mental and physical health. Living in a place surrounded by nature brings peace and quiet. The US has so many beautiful cities with canyons, rivers, slopes, and coastline. Every morning you can look out your window and see what people drive for hours to enjoy.

Fortunately, moving to a big city doesn’t necessarily have to mean giving up your love for nature. Adam Hochfelder, a New York-based provider of guided real estate advice, says that now there are many cities that cater to outdoor activities that people might not even know it. In order to prove that city life and great outdoors are not always mutually exclusive, Mr. Hochfelder did a research and compiled information on cities in America that offer tons of outdoor activities.
Whether you’re a fan of skiing, climbing, snowboarding, biking, kayaking, or simply hiking, adventure towns offer something for everyone. While looking for the most affordable urban places that offer the best of the nature nearby, real estate expert Hochfelder included factors like local weather, restaurants with outdoor seating, access to natural amenities, access and number of national parks and forests as well nearby outdoor recreation facilities, cultural attractions, bicycle-friendliness, and median home prices.

Greenville, Fresno, Pittsburgh, Toledo, Morgantown, Greensboro, Dayton, Chico, Atlanta, Knoxville, Portland, Kent, and Denver are some of the most affordable outdoor-friendly cities. Residents of these cities benefit the access to large regional parks, public land with hiking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds and fenced-in dog parks. The brilliant landscape of mountains, nearby forests, canyons, rivers, high plains, and desert lands make these cities desirable to live and visit.


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