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The Ten Most Popular Dogs

9 comments, 582 views, posted 12:13 pm 13/10/2017 in Useful by Eavesy
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Here is a quality infographic that will teach you all about the 10 most popular breeds of dog in the World. Read about the Labrador Retriever, the German Shepherd, the Golden Retriever and 7 others.

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2:15 pm 13/10/2017


what the hell no hot dogs in the top 10

2:46 pm 13/10/2017


Akitas ftw

3:35 pm 13/10/2017


I have a Pecking Geese! She is a big brat and a very spoiled old lady (Pekingese- Peke for short)

4:23 pm 13/10/2017


My Bossy Terrorist... aka, Boston Terrier

2:00 am 15/10/2017


I want a beagle.

3:03 pm 15/10/2017


They are so cute!

3:08 pm 15/10/2017


I grew up with them. When I was 4, we got a beagle pup which we named Flop, because his ears were so long, the tips would get wet when he drank his water. He finally got put to sleep when he was blind, deaf, and the only working part of him seemed to be his nose. And I didn't find out until I got home from college.

4:40 pm 15/10/2017


Aw, so sorry, that is so sad. I remember my babies when I was a kid. We had a pekingese when I was 15 (a second one, after the one we had since I was four died), at 18 when my mom died, I brought her with me to my college apartment because there was no one at home to care for her, she got out the second day and I never saw her again.

12:04 am 17/10/2017


That doesn't include the hunting hound that my dad had before (which we left in IL when we moved to OH, probably sold or given away). Then we got Trixie, a female, and we had three or four litters of pups which we sold (for $100+ a pup, in the early 60s!), and years later we were still getting calls if we had any more pups to sell. Trixie, we think, got picked up by somebody wanting a beagle, she wouldn't have cared. Flop did some stud work with my dad's friend's female a few times as well after that.

Also, I have to laugh about the 18-30 pounds. In his prime, Flop had to weigh 35 pounds or so. That was when we lived on a farm, and he chased rabbits whenever he wanted. We would sit outside in the evening and listen to him as he went chasing rabbits (squirrels, who knows) for entertainment. When we moved to the suburbs, he (amazingly!) knew Dad wasn't hunting, and left the rabbits and squirrels alone. He also went up to weight to about 55 pounds. And still in decent shape. If he wanted to get somewhere, he'd get there. Overweight yes, but he could still run if he wanted to. He had a good life.

Wow, that sucks about the runaway pekinese.

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