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Shenzhen Tech Girl Naomi Wu...

1 comments, 374 views, posted 2:24 pm 09/08/2018 in Useful by REALITY
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A tormented man.

My experience with Sarah Jeong, Jason Koebler, and Vice Magazine

Like Vice has done in many other places, they sent a reporter to China to interview me. It’s important to understand- I’m a PRC citizen. Born, educated and raised here, unlike many wealthy Chinese you may have met, I have a single passport. I also have as far as I know the largest English language following on YouTube and Twitter of any PRC citizen living in China. Both of these platforms are blocked in China and I maintain my accounts by using an illegal VPN. I had, prior to my contact with Vice a habit of posting regularly (and often heatedly) about gender issues in China. If you know anything about China, you know all this makes for an extraordinarily delicate position that has to be handled with great care...


2:28 am 10/08/2018


I have watched a few of her vids, she is pretty good at what she does.

But i cant figure out this article. Its like she is so afraid of getting in trouble with the chinese gov that she started a public fight with someone that will end up getting her in trouble with the chinese gov.

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