Honest Trailers - Avengers: Infinity War

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6:41 pm 15/08/2018


yes, the reason I have avoided this ridiculous franchise. Knowing the reality that even if it was a great story, they could with the snap of a finger change it all, like Star Wars, Star Trek et al

12:29 am 16/08/2018


I thought it was so terrible I stopped watching the movie about an hour and a half in. Can't believe they went from the original Iron Man to this clusterfark of animals that talk. Very depressing.

1:05 am 16/08/2018


You never read comic books? I think the whole reason they are so successful is that they are copying the way comic books are. Think of the worst of the franchise... Thor II, Iron Man II and III, Avengers II. All of them tried to pull in real drama and conflict (To be fair, they succeeded in Iron Man I with some of that... but Thor I should have been a big warning).

Where we see the current 'Marvel formula" break out was Guardians of the Galaxy. Humor, ad lib, and unapologetic campiness. An infusion of fun. The only exception to that between Ultron and Infinity War was Winter Soldier... and could that have been as good without a sixty year old computer-Nazi? I don't think so.

What happened in the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises is that they took themselves too seriously. Lucas and Roddenberry both had a tight stranglehold on their creations and when new blood came in they had to 'add their own voice'. Despite it's flaws, the Abrams relaunch did more to save the Star Trek franchise because he didn't take it too seriously. Contrast that with Marvel, who has different directors throughout the franchise (often those lesser known who are more likely to run head long into a challenge).

Both Star Wars and Star Trek were built on a foundation of 'rules' the Force, light and dark sides, only one sith, the Prime Directive, Klingon Honor, Vulcan Logic... and as the series age those foundations inevitably get attacked and eventually upended as an easy way to keep the universe 'fresh'.

Compare that to a Universe of AI run suits of armor, aliens (Thor), absurd physics (Ant Man), magic (Dr. Strange), and infinity stones (all the way back in Captain America!) based on series of comic books that all have delved deeply into the absurd (seriously, go read some of these titles... they are pretty far out there)... and you have a universe you don't need to tear down or change in order to stir the pot because it's already established that anything is possible.

Don't believe me? Tony Stark's biggest enemy was a Chinese mystic with magical rings, he suffered from alcoholism, cloned Thor, spent time on alien planets, and injected himself with nano-particles that formed is suit (similar to the Infinity war effect... but stored inside his bones). If They were to stick with just the Iron Man franchise, it could get plenty weird.

... and elsels, other than Rocket the raccoon (and a couple of Howard the Duck cameos... ) what other talking animals are you referring to? Groot is a talking tree, not an animal, and is awesome as hell if you watched the Guardians movies.

Infinity war contains (as main characters)
5 - Exceptional Humans (Stark, Black Widow, Falcon, War Machine, T'Challa)
7 - Enhanced Humans (Banner, Spiderman, Star Lord <based on his father>, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Steve Rogers, Winter Soldier)
12 - Aliens (Thor, Gamora, Thanos, Groot, Drax, Mantis, Nebula, Loki, Heimdall, the Black Order)
1 - Andriod (Vision)
2 - Magicians (Dr. Strange, Wong)
1 - Genetically Enhanced Garbage Bandit (Rocket)

Are you being racist?

3:05 am 16/08/2018


I read some comics as a kid, but we were dirt poor so I didnt have access to that kind of cool stuff. I read the paper.

4:40 am 16/08/2018


comics were and are over rated

5:34 am 16/08/2018


So were Star Trek and Star wars according to some... we both enjoyed those rides for a bit.

7:06 am 16/08/2018


yeah, Then I grew up. I've done a lot of personal growth (over those many [2] years) /sarcasm

2:08 pm 16/08/2018


Lol, nothing wrong with Star Wars or Star Trek! We have watched those with the kids and I am trying to get my youngest girl into Star Trek, from the beginning. The older episodes though, they are a bit harder to watch now with all the modern tv advances. lol!

7:18 am 17/08/2018


I don't mind the old versions, but the new SW is now all about the left-wing politics, the Empire is a fascist state to emulate the present day administration, the heroes are all now women to right the wrongs of the gender gap and inequality, and everyone BUT white males is looked at as a positive example, but of course, the Empire is replete with white supremacists, and all this from the authors and directors themselves.

7:20 am 17/08/2018


the newest Star Trek in the movies I am not a fan of rewriting the canon, as that wipes out the whole history of the movies with Spock and Kirk as we know it, and the new TV series has the Klingons, wait for it, being led by a woman who is, wait for it, seeking peace. Klingons, seeking peace, before Kirk's time. SURE

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