100 Year Old Lifehacks

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There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea.

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1:54 pm 11/01/2019


Because chicks dig a nice water fountain

2:17 pm 11/01/2019


Did #2 to two stumps in my front yard after I chopped down the trees, but I packed with rock salt, then poured in a mixture of vinegar with a few drops of dish soap. Salt, vinegar, dish soap is also a great weed killer

2:32 pm 11/01/2019


fuck me.. the weeds in canada must be fooookin huge!!

2:37 pm 11/01/2019


I have a fence that is between 6.5-7ft and just beyond it is weed central... by the end of the summer, they can grow taller than the fence

2:40 pm 11/01/2019


England probably has very little land left that has been untouched for 100+ years Land my house is on was been space between the main road and a farmers house for the last ~200 years. pretty much untouched during that time, and untouched for millions of years before that. Not sure if any Natives bothered with the space before settlement.

4:33 pm 11/01/2019


Flee, you savage!

4:59 pm 11/01/2019


Hey. Those trees were dead from the moment they were planted. Not only do I not want 2 spruce trees that will cover my front yard in 10 years, but I am also allergic to them.

Not my fault some shitty govt intern is the person that marks tree position and type the builder has to plant. If they planted a maple tree, LIKE 90% OF THE HOUSES HERE, the tree would be intact.

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