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1 comments, 124 views, posted 10:49 am 21/01/2020 in Useful by REALITY
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The IMF has predicted that the UK economy will outpace the Eurozone in its new forecasts released yesterday. The forecasts, stretching two years in the future, show the UK’s growth will accelerate in both 2020 and 2021. Despite Brexit…

Only the US and Canada are set to grow faster out of the world’s major advanced economies. Brexit Britain is set to grow faster than Eurozone poster-states France and Germany, in fact the IMF is forecasting that 3 fastest growing countries in the G7 will all be outside the EU……

Also since the referendum the number of those employed has risen by a million.

The pro-EU side said this would't happen but instead would shrink by at least 500k

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tamsnod27 (5)


12:18 pm 21/01/2020


Oops, looks like the IMF didn't get the memo, someone's in trouble over there

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