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6 hours 24 minutes ago

3D-Printed Modular Home 

Innovative Chinese Company Assembles 3D-Printed Modular Home in Just Three Hours Thanks to new 3D printing technology, an

1 Comments • Created by Rosie • Last post by REALITY

8 hours 54 minutes ago

Airplane debris found could be from missing flight MH370 | 

Experts are analyizing a piece of a wing discovered Wednesday to determine if it belongs to Flight MH370

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

13 hours 39 minutes ago

The Evolution of the Sofa 

Got a mildly interesting infographic here all about how the sofa has evolved over the past few thousand

6 Comments • Created by Eavesy • Last post by elsels

19 hours 5 minutes ago

Russian Hero 

On Saturday, a caravan of 9 buses was traveling back from a children’s summer camp through the city

0 Comments • Created by golfhack

11:06 pm 28/07/2015

Judges Took $ From Groups Find Groups innocent of giving $ to Scott Walker 

An investigation that could have disrupted Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s bid for the White House has been stamped

0 Comments • Created by HariSeldon

3:59 pm 27/07/2015

A spectacular maneuver performed by Russian-made fighter aircraft 

1 Comments • Created by tricpe • Last post by tricpe

8:45 am 27/07/2015

Russia: Ukraine Welcome At World Cup 2018 

By Paul Kelso, Sports Correspondent, in St Petersburg Russian World Cup organisers say Ukraine will be welcome at

1 Comments • Created by REALITY • Last post by marksyzm

9:55 pm 26/07/2015

Airshow: F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) 

Excellent in Full Screen mode CMm-ljuuafY

3 Comments • Created by thomasslavin • Last post by Wookiemp164

1:39 pm 25/07/2015

Inside El Chapo’s Escape Tunnel 

Infamous drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who daringly escaped prison on July 11, utilized a tunnel leading

2 Comments • Created by REALITY • Last post by thomasslavin

1:34 pm 25/07/2015

Genesis: The real story behind the rise of ISIS 

So, this just popped up on RT... “Details leaking out suggest that ISIS and the major military ‘surge’

2 Comments • Created by REALITY • Last post by REALITY

10:16 pm 24/07/2015

Americans Are Finally Eating Less  

After decades of worsening diets and sharp increases in obesity, Americans’ eating habits have begun changing for the better.

29 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by elsels

10:48 am 23/07/2015

Husky's reaction after owner comes back from 6 week long trip 

5 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by marksyzm

10:04 am 23/07/2015

What Kind Of Jew Are You? 

1 Comments • Created by dr3n • Last post by REALITY

9:44 am 23/07/2015

What makes a disability hate crime? 

People stare at Adam Pearson wherever he goes. But when looks and whispers turn more violent, he's left

6 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by marksyzm

7:45 pm 22/07/2015

Equal opportunity consumer 

2 Comments • Created by thomasslavin • Last post by thomasslavin

7:42 pm 22/07/2015

Easy DNA Editing Will Remake the World. Buckle Up. 

...Technical details aside, Crispr-Cas9 makes it easy, cheap, and fast to move genes around—any genes, in any living

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

5:18 pm 22/07/2015

An Alternative-Medicine Believer’s Journey Back to Science 

Jim and Louise Laidler lost their faith on a trip to Disneyland in 2002, while having breakfast in

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

5:11 pm 22/07/2015

Flying Gun 

Homemade multirotor with a semiautomatic handgun mounted on it.

0 Comments • Created by tricpe

1:05 pm 22/07/2015

ISIS conspiracy theories 

0 Comments • Created by caculo

10:41 am 22/07/2015

The end of capitalism has begun | Books | The Guardian 

Without us noticing, we are entering the postcapitalist era. At the heart of further change to come is

5 Comments • Created by marksyzm • Last post by griffin

2:36 am 22/07/2015

Hitler Was A Woman 

Well, at least the skull fragment that the Soviets claimed was from Hitler, was from a woman. Tests

0 Comments • Created by griffin

10:29 pm 21/07/2015

Frog, Stag Beetle, Rodeo... 


0 Comments • Created by REALITY

3:12 am 21/07/2015

Things Cats Do That'd Be Creepy If You Did Them 


0 Comments • Created by thomasslavin

10:14 pm 20/07/2015

What Donald Trump Was Doing While John McCain Was A POW 

It was the spring of 1968, and Donald Trump had it good. He was 21 years old and

7 Comments • Created by golfhack • Last post by bytehead

9:45 pm 20/07/2015

Just A Thought 

By Sigmund Fraud For a magician to fool his audience his deceit must go unseen, and to this

4 Comments • Created by golfhack • Last post by tricpe

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