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Obama is un-farking-believable

6 comments, 257 views, posted 8:22 pm 03/04/2012 in WTF! by griffin
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Obama Warns Supreme Court
Says Overturn of Health-Care Law Would Be 'Unprecedented, Extraordinary Step'

President Barack Obama predicted Monday that the Supreme Court would uphold his signature health-care law and said that overturning it would be a prime example of judicial overreach.

It was a rare instance of a president laying out his own arguments about a Supreme Court case before the justices are set to reach their decision.

In his first public comments about the case since the justices took it up last week, Mr. Obama appeared to be framing the political argument he would make should he have to face voters this fall after a loss at the high court.


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8:44 pm 03/04/2012


He must be really shitting his pants to go as far as he is, you could almost claim attempted intimidation of the SCOTUS, he can see the writing in the wall, odds are slim that the law will be ruled legal and constitutional

9:16 pm 03/04/2012


I think he is now scurrying to organise some sort of damage control.

10:13 pm 03/04/2012


He's not as good at the job of POTUS as I'd hoped he would be. Fuck sake, my Connie would have done a better job. There'd be way more pink highways for a start, and wouldn't that cheer folk up?

11:20 pm 03/04/2012


Quote by marksyzm:
Didn't FDR do this very same thing?

FDR tried to expand the court with his cronies. He failed.

11:20 pm 03/04/2012


Quote by djskitzy:
There'd be way more pink highways for a start

Pink highways are enormously underrated, imo.

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