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The visual representation of untreated mental illness.


...México. Thus the shooting in Villa Juarez, Navolato, Sinaloa. A few Culiacan mitunos.

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3:38 pm 08/02/2017


GEEEEZUS, Mary, Joseph! What a freaking war zone. Mexico has been bad for years, Guatemala is terrible, Brazil is a war zone. It used to be Colombia was terrible, but now it is almost like the entirety of the Central and South Americas are just at war between drug dealers and gang bangers. Coming to a city near you, if you think Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, LA, Baton Rouge, NoLa, DC and all the other cities with high crime are bad, just wait.

1:42 pm 09/02/2017


Mexico has been bad for decades but it really has come to head. I've never vacationed there but I know people who do regularly, they just don't leave the resorts. I'll pass.

3:13 pm 09/02/2017


I remember when Mexico was the place to vacation, that was the 80s. Now, not even free.

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