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FREE Dirt Bag - sent anonymously

2 comments, 1292 views, posted 2:14 am 28/04/2017 in WTF! by superuser
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Know someone who is a dirtbag?
Anonymously send a bag of dirt accompanied by a "You're a dirtbag" card. We'll make sure they get the message.

FREE Dirt Bag - sent anonymously
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Dirt Bag is a great way to tell someone they are, well, a dirtbag! Our bags of dirt are accompanied by a card that reads “You’re a dirtbag.” This complete package will be sent anonymously to the dirtbag of your choice.

Can’t think of any dirtbags in your life? Just break up with your ex? Dirt Bag. Coworker get promoted over you? Dirt Bag. Friend just had a baby? Dirt Bag. Any person, any occasion.

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2:21 am 28/04/2017


1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC

3:24 am 28/04/2017


I wouldnt waste my money on any type of dirt bag, dirt bags do not deserve attention, but hey I bet this company will profit.

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