How do you do your make-up after an acid attack?

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The visual representation of untreated mental illness.

Should I use primer as well as foundation? Will mascara do, or is it a false eyelash day? Many of us ask ourselves these questions every day, bleary-eyed before work or in front of a mirror for a night out.

But what do you when your beauty practices are disrupted, perhaps forever?

Business student Resham Khan survived an acid attack on her 21st birthday in London in July, sustaining burns to her face and body and damage to her left eye. Since then she has been blogging about what her make-up and beauty routine is like.


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7:06 pm 11/09/2017


She is beautiful anyway.

5:47 am 12/09/2017


Yes she is, but what state is society at when these articles even exist.

1:05 pm 12/09/2017


I know despite her injury I think sometimes we can see that beauty is just deeper, those who do this are dark evil people and I wholeheartedly believe that karma will get them everytime.

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