'banned from looking at each other for longer than five seconds'

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Netflix film crews 'banned from looking at each other for longer than five seconds' in #metoo crackdown

Streaming service says it is 'proud of the anti-harassment training we offer to our productions'

Netflix has introduced new anti-harassment training in the wake of the #metoo movement that rocked Hollywood and seriously disrupted production on its House of Cards show.

New rules imposed on set reportedly include no looking at anyone for longer than five seconds, no lingering hugs, no flirting and no asking for a colleague's phone number.

“Everyone was spoken to about #MeToo," an on-set runner currently working on the new season of Black Mirror told the sun.



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(✽ ゚д゚ ✽)

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gimme a few more days i'm still thinking about it

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Imagine how awkward it is going to be when no one looks at each other in the eyes. Turning away from looking at someone in the eyes is what people who are crushing on others do. A lot of people who like another are too afraid to look them in the eyes and give it away, especially if they think the other person is already in a relationship or is not interested. Would love to be a fly on those walls.

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