Dutchman, 69, brings lawsuit to lower his age 20 years

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Emile Ratelband wants to officially change his birth date by 20 years to boost his Tinder prospects.

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Why not? You can change your sex, gender, racial identity, why not age? Seems fair, older people are discrimninated than probably any other age group.

3:16 pm 08/11/2018


The case should be denied to be heard.
Mr Ratelband should pay a fine for wasting time and money of the court's limited resources
If an attorney filed the lawsuit s/he should be fined as well.

It is frivolous, stupid, and as I said waste of time and resources. If this was giving court time, who's case would be delayed because of some publicity bs?

Changing your gender on your ID/birth certificate isn't done on a whim. It isn't done to defraud someone.

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