Government Loses Money Selling Drugs

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Ontario Cannabis Store Set To Lose $25 Million This Year Amid ‘Federal Mismanagement’

Ontario's provincially-run cannabis distributor is set to lose $25 million in the current fiscal year, according to projections in the 2019 budget released by Queen's Park on Thursday.

The losses are the result of its initial investment in developing a wholesale distribution network, combined with the fact that OCS has sold relatively little product so far — which the provincial Progressive Conservative government blames on the federal Liberals.

The OCS is facing "a national cannabis supply shortage brought on by the federal government's mismanagement," the budget document says.

Lollers. It is worth noting that New York's Off Track Betting monopoly went bust, and the profits are built in mathematically in that racket.

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3:39 pm 20/04/2019


They should be selling heroin, greater dependency and you don't need to give the voters $1000 to vote a dollar will do.

3:43 pm 20/04/2019


Are you mad? You can't put government in charge of the heroin supply, people rely on that.

1:24 am 21/04/2019


But Snoop Dogg is an investor in the grow ops.

1:25 am 21/04/2019


I think part of the problem is that you have to undercut street prices and it's already cheap here. Plus, once the fad wears off, sales will decline a bit.

Side note, the girl scouts set up outside the stores and sold out in record time.

1:27 am 21/04/2019


Legalization was just a vote grab by the liberals as well. Not to say it shouldn't be legal but this is why Trudope got so many votes.

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