Tesco this morning...

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I want to be the reason you get out of bed in the morning...Even if it is to make sure the door is locked.

...bit of a wait.

There are 19 confirmed cases in West Sussex, out of a local population of 858,852

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9:57 am 21/03/2020


belguim lockdown affected my work place so i was not working last 2 days.
2 days later i got a temp job in big shop like tesco .
its got security guards as you come in and go out checking you havent over bought on certain items and has markers on the floor every meter and a half if anyone is caught standing to close to them lines their kicked out.
no cash accepted and were not supplied with masks or gloves but the customers walk in protected.
to top it all off they take their masks off to ask us where this or that is then put their masks back on.
so its ok for them to spit in our faces accidently the fuckers.

9:01 pm 24/03/2020


What branch was that?

@Majorhan - what is it with people? They have lost their minds. Lost their hearts. Lost their sense of camaraderie, humanity and fairness! Is this the result of that oft forgotten outbreak (stirred on my Maggie Thatcher) of the 'I'm all right Jack' virus that broke out in 1974....
See this:

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